What is Ichiban?

The word ichiban is derived from the Japanese word ichi, which means “one,” and ban, which means “number.” In general, ichiban is used to describe something that is the best or most desirable, so it can be interpreted as meaning “first” in the sense that it is the best of its kind.

At The Ichiban Companies Inc. we take great pride in bringing to you the finest fresh produce available. The significance of ichiban to our company is that we strive every day to be the best. We know that being the best is mostly symbolic and somewhat impossible to define. Thus, we use the motivation of ichiban to push ourselves to reaching such a lofty goal.

The Ichiban Companies Inc., is a vertically integrated agriculture company. Our company is owned by the very same growers who supply our fresh produce. This gives us the power to be connected with our customers from the farm to the fork. Our company is able to make decisions for the best long-term benefit of our customers. We are diligent in growing the crop, ensuring food safety, transporting the produce and finally putting a great tasting product on your plate. Thank you for being a valued customer of ours.

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